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Groovitude Dance​ -dance for life

              email us anytime:

[email protected]


[email protected]

Our Dance Community 

Groovitude is for all who LOVE the Gift  Dance brings to our lives!

Groovitude Dance follows a simple philosophy:

  • Dance to share. 
  • Dance to rejoice. 
  • Dance to be real. 
  • Dance to heal. 
  • Dance to thrive.

We empower dancers of any age, shape, size, and level with these dance styles and their corresponding techniques:


Cubberley Community Center 4000 Middlefield Road Room L-3 (near the tennis courts) Palo Alto, CA 94303 

please enter and park in & from the north entrance (enter under the sign DANCE VISIONS) 

Lyrical -


This dance class offers a mixture of techniques, contemporary, jazz, and modern dance. In this class, the lyrics or melody drive the choreography.


Learn the art of tap dancing, with styles ranging from musical theater to funky tap and everything in between.


This dance class focuses on basic techniques. The choreography  style ranges from: Fosse and Ella Fitzgerald to swing and R&B or Jazz funk.

Hip Hop

This class is age appropriate Hip Hop choreography for Adults. The  choreography styles range from energetic and strong to smooth and fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend classes if I’m a beginner?

Yes! Some classes are paced more for a beginner *see our schedule page . All levels are welcome in every class. The  art & craft of dance takes  time and lots of practice before it starts to feel natural. Your body is your instrument. Give it patience, time, and lots of love.

Is there a registration fee? Is there a session?

No registration fees. We offer classes on a drop-in basis. Thus, you can come when you want; although the only way to get better is to come often.

What should I wear?

Workout wear is fine. It’s fun to dress funky for hip hop though! Dance shoes are helpful but not required. Please do not wear outside shoes on our dance floor. For lyrical/contemporary class: bare feet, socks, or jazz/ballet shoes are great. For tap class: tap shoes. For hip hop class: shoes worn only inside, sneakers, or jazz sneakers.

Do you add on to choreography every week?

Some classes progress each week. That being said, in almost all of our classes we teach only 8–10 phrases per class, and we repeat it a lot.

Find out more about our dance classes and choreography rotation. Contact us or drop by our dance studio today

About Groovitude Dance

Get in Touch

Everyone is welcome at Groovitude Dance! Feel free to contact us . We are located inside the Cubberley Community Center 4000 Middlefield Rd. L-3  Palo Alto, California 94303

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