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Groovitude Dance

A Welcoming Dance Community

Our Mission

We strive to create an environment filled with the joy of dance. We have an inviting and loving community where dancers of all levels are welcomed with smiles and encouraging words.

We believe that a dance class is a sacred time to celebrate our bodies. We encourage all learners to find a place of self-expression and -love while dancing. Many of us in our community have found that multilevel healing can begin in a dance class, and we at Groovitude Dance vow to honor that awesome journey.

Everyone is welcome. Always. 

The Founders

Mandy and Lisa met in 2006 on a project and since then their partnership has blossomed beyond their wildest dreams. They are truly a wonderful team. One would usually hear them laughing before seeing them. They love to dress funky, wear glitter, express fully, laugh some more, play all genres of music and after 20 years they still LOVE getting up every morning to teach the art of dance.  

They have deep gratitude for the co-creation of this amazing dance community!!

Dance Classes